For some years now much has been said about Tai Chi Chuan, and often the meaning of this name has been distorted by such terms as "gentle exercise" or worse still as exercises for old people; however, although still valid, these terms do not represent the real essence of Tai Chi Chuan which is actually and will always be a martial art intended to keep the body fit and strong of whoever practises it.
The world of today, the modern technologies, even economical factors, have greatly improved the quality of life for all of us, but at the same time have overloaded us with every kind of problem due to the increasing pace of life.
Stress, fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, poor digestion, back pain localised in the lumbar region, loss of a sense of balance, breathing difficulties and many others are only some of the most common pathologies of our times.
These problems are usually dealt with by taking medicines which, although momentarily relieving the symptoms of the malaise, do but diminish the capacity of our body to react to disease.
Our organism is a complex system which necessitates continuous care, but often we find ourselves short of time, and so we sacrifice our health, -our times and the benefit which we derive from the modern world in the end become nothing but a great irremediable malaise.
Tai Chi Chuan is built on the fundamentals of Chinese Traditional Medicine.
The series of ninety-nine movements, if practised every day, constitute a strong framework for protecting our health and reinforcing the immune system.
The circulation of the blood improves considerably, whether venous or arterial, and it strengthens the function of all the internal organs with surprising results with regard to digestion and respiration.
It loosens and stretches the joints.
It is particularly indicated for those who have back pain, chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, accumulated stress, lack of self confidence.
In the practice of Yi Quan, in contrast to many other physical activities, the body is not likely to suffer injury and it imposes no limits on future improvement.
No particular skill is required, it is a slow and relaxed exercise, so every type of physical stress is eliminated.
Its principles can be applied to every aspect of daily life, and the individualís capacity to face up to everyday problems increases more and more.
In daily life, made up of competitiveness and stress, whoever practises Tai Chi Chuan will find calm and relaxation, time for oneself to dedicate to the care of ones own body and personality, in short, all that makes contemporary life meaningful.
The Budokan Centre is open every day except for Saturday and Sunday. The Tai Chi Chuan courses are open to everyone, and there is a specially arranged course for those who work and wish, in their free periods, to dedicate themselves to some physical activity which will not compromise the afternoon working hours, and which will, instead, help them to be more productive.