Main stages

1966 Begins the practice of the martial arts

1979 Begins the practice of Tai Chi Chuan-

1992 Begins the practice of "internal" styles-

1994 Begins the practice of Yi Quan-

Stefano Agostini

Born in 1954, is a qualified psychologist, and has practised martial arts since 1966, when like many other youngsters, he was attracted by the mystical and interior elements contained in these disciplines.
In 1979 he began to practise Tai Chi Chuan with the late Chang Dsu Yao, and Nippon Kempo with Daniele Sinigaglia.
The real bolt from the blue came in 1992 when he met master Kenji Tokitsu, who started him on the study and research within the framework of the “internal” Chinese styles.
At Tokyo in 1994 he met master Sun Li of Peking, who became his principal point of reference in the study of Yi Quan.
Through learning from an orthodox master such as master Sun Li, he undertook a careful study of Yi Quan.
At present he is 5th Karate Dan of the Dai Nippon Butokai,1st Laido Dan of the Zen Nippon laido Renmei, and 1st Shaolin Mon Dan of the European Shaolin Mon Association.
Responsible in Italy for the Wang Shu Chin Memorial Association and for the International Yi Quan association in Europe, he has collaborated with the periodical Diana Armi, and also with Samurai, and Arti d’Oriente.
He has published the book Armi da Difesa e loro Uso (Weapons of Defence and Their Use), and runs the Budokan Centre of Martial Arts in Florence.

  Il maestro Stefano Agostini